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    • coling8

      Loved the piece. I take umbrage with the statement, “only 9/11 ad to ever get it right”. There have been amazing tributes to this event over the years and to malign all of them because they come from marketers is to miss a pretty huge point—namely that marketers (along with painters and cinematographers and writers) are the single greatest influencers of our societal norms. I would argue that marketers are probably even greater because of the amount of money they pay to be seen and heard. So for them to opt out of this very necessary and very real public discourse, or only to communicate with the populous when they want to announce “$9.99 Buckets” or “1% financing” would seriously undermine the position we should hope that they be taking—that each and every corporation or organization or non-profit is made up of real people. In real neighborhoods. With real human connections to those around them. It’s in these moments (and sadly, these happen all too infrequently) that corporations start to reveal the power of truly relating to the people that fill their coffers. And the ones that do, almost always best the ones that never try. I’ve made ads all my life. But there’s only really one that I can say I’m proud of…not coincidently, it happens to be the same subject.

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