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Favorite Moments Of Miss America 2015

Beautiful woman, representing their respective States, Districts, and Territories...there are bound to be some fails along the way and some MAJOR trolling.

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First off, Congratulations to Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev!

Hofstra University alum and aspires to be a diplomat.

Hofstra University alum and aspires to be a diplomat.

Personally I loved your cups routine...But I'm also OBSESSED with Pitch Perfect.

Sadly, not everyone shares our beautiful love of red cups

@thewayoftheid / Via Twitter: @thewayoftheid

But that's OK because the only thing people remember from your performance is that the Miss America Organization can't spell...



It was also a kicker when Miss Nebraska forgot to close her legs

Twitter @Cubannator / Via Twitter: @Cubannator

Ventriloquist, Miss Ohio ...nuff said

Cosmopolitan / Via

People didn't like that either...

@dGod23 / Via Twitter: @dGod23

..But they can go f*%k themselves because THIS IS MISS AMERICA

In the Land of Opportunity, there are no boundaries..

@ciera_nitkowski / Via Twitter: @ciera_nitkowski

Also, Never been to or heard of Hofstra University but they must have some mad skill at pong.

@taraperry / Via Twitter: @taraperry

So reign Kira Kazantsev!

53 girls and 1 cup

53 girls and 1 cup

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