21 Sad Girls At Sporting Events

TV producers love featuring sad chicks on camera when the home team is losing.

1. “The Super Close-Up”

2. “The Sad Girl Cerberus”

3. “The Bummed Braveheart”

4. “The Chicag-oh-no!”

5. “The Belichick”

6. “The Why Am I Even Here”

7. “The Puzzler”

8. “The ‘I Think I’m Going To Be Sick…’”

part one of The Saddest Second In Fiesta Bowl History

9. “The Hygienic Hysterics”

part two of The Saddest Second In Fiesta Bowl History

10. “The Grimace”

part three of The Saddest Second In Fiesta Bowl History

11. “The Big Blue Blues”

12. “The Averted Eyes (Of The Tiger)”

13. “The ‘ol Stink-Eye”

14. “The First And Last Date”

15. “The Only Woman In New York Rooting Against Jeremy Lin”

16. The “Ugh, Uh”

17. “The Cackalacky Pout”

18. “The Bereaved Buckeye”

19. “The Herp Derp”

20. “The Southern Miss”

21. “The Single Tear”

Via sadgirlsonespn.tumblr.com

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