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14 Reasons Big Brother 16's Donny Is America's Sweetheart

After last night's painful eviction, let's take a look back at the man, the legend, the BEARD.

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When we first met Donny, we were skeptical. "Who is this Duck Dynasty knock-off?"

Big Brother Access / Via

But we soon fell in love.

CBS / Via

Donny is actually a saint. A saint with a glorious beard.

Entertainment Weekly / Via

We laughed along when he did this.

Stockingblue / Via

And we chuckled when we did this.

Stockingblue / Via

His friendship with Paola was adorable.

LiveJournal / Via

Almost as adorable as Donny sans beard.

Starcasm / Via

Just look at how happy he is with his girlfriend!

Tumblr / Via

But we learned he was also a strategic player. A strategic player that looked like a kind wizard or a caring professor.

Entertainment Weekly / Via

When he'd win challenges like this, we couldn't contain our excitement.

Stockingblue / Via

Sometimes he'd take selfies with his Team America bros.

BuddyTV / Via

And sometimes he was very sad. But in an adorable way, like only Donny could.

Big Brother Gossip / Via

He'd get nominated like EVERY WEEK and always manage to scrape by.

Reality Rewind / Via

And even though he is gone now, he'll always be our bearded Big Brother crush.

Bigbrotherishere Tumblr / Via

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