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Top 5 Best Sports Video Game Characters Of All-Time

In some sports game there are certain teams that you know will win just because of one overpowered player. So, let's take a look at some of the best players to ever play in the digital world.

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5. Randy Moss (NFL 2K series)

2K Sports / Via

Randy Moss is currently second all-time in career touchdown receptions and in the NFL 2K series Moss was an endzone threat on any play. With Randy Moss as your wideout you were only one Hail Mary pass away from scoring.

4. Jeremy Roenick (NHL 94)

EA Sports / Via

If you wanted to win in NHL 94 all you had to do was pick Chicago and go to town with Jeremy Roenick. With his combination of speed, strength and shooting power you could easily get by defenders and score without breaking a sweat.

3. Micheal Vick (Madden 04)

EA Sports / Via

When you make a player that is not only faster than most running backs and wideouts and give him a strong arm you are bound to create a super character. In Madden 04 if you had Michael Vick all you had to do was run around in your back field along enough until a receiver got open and then all you had to do was chuck a pass for an easy score.

2. Ken Griffey, Jr. (Ken Griffey, Jr. Presents Major League Baseball)

Nintendo / Via

Despite only having the rights to MLB teams and Griffey himself this game was forced to field teams with some creative players. Despite, Ken Griffey was a monster in this game and with him in your line up you were almost promised a home run with every at bat.

1. Bo Jackson (Tecmo Bowl & Tecmo Super Bowl)

Tecmo / Via

All you need to know about Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl & Tecmo super Bowl is that you could waste an entire quarter by just running from end zone to end zone. With Jackson on your team you were destined to score a TD any time he was handed the ball or you could just waste the entire quarter. The choice was up to you.

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