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The Top 27 Baseball Movies

With baseball season in full swing lets take a look at the best baseball movies that Hollywood has to offer.

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1. 42

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

42 tells the story of Jackie Robinson's first year in the Majors as he has to deal with racism in America as he breaks the color barrier. This movie does a great job of showcasing the struggles and challenges Robinson had to deal with as he traveled through segregated America.

2. 61*

HBO Films

61* is the story of Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth's single season home run record in 1961. This drama gives a taste of the struggles that Maris had to deal with during the season. It also shows the differences of how Marris and Mantle behaved on and off the field.

3. A League Of Their Own

Columbia Pictures / Via

There is no crying in baseball but you might cry from laughter during this classic film about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II.

4. Ballplayer: Pelotero

Makuhari Media

Ballplayer: Pelotero is kind of a depressing documentary that focuses on the process of how players from the Dominican Republic are scouted and signed by Major League teams. This film focuses on the corruption that manipulates teenagers as they try to get noticed by big league clubs,

6. Bull Durham

Orion Pictures / Via

I know that it is cliche at this point but Bull Durham is still best baseball movie that has ever been made. Directed by former minor league Ron Shelton, Bull Durham is the comedic tale of a career minor leaguer trying to mentor a hot shot prospect through the perils of professional baseball.

11. Field of Dreams

Universal Pictures / Via

Even though Field of Dreams can get kind of cheesy it still hits all of the right feelings. Field of Dreams combines magical elements, history and baseball into a timeless tale that is perfect for kids and adults.

13. It Happens Every Spring

20th Century Fox

Well before Moneyball science was helping people win at baseball in It Happens Every Spring. In this comedy a college professor discovers a formula that causes baseballs to be repelled by wood. So naturally he uses this to become a baseball superstar.

14. Major League

Paramount Pictures

If you can watch Major League not laugh once at all of the hijinks the Cleaved Indians go through then you have no soul. This underdog story is a funny take on the underdog story with memorable characters and quips.

16. Moneyball

Columbia Pictures / Via

Moneyball is perfect film for those that are into stats and are interested in the behind the scenes working of a major league baseball team. It also doesn't hurt that the story is relatively fast paced and allows for even non-baseball fans to follow the story.

17. Sugar

HBO Films / Via

This drama tells the story of Miguel "Sugar" Santos as he tries to compete in the minors and get a chance of being a major leaguer. This drama is quite compelling and has plenty of twists that you don't normally see in sports movies.

18. The Bad News Bears

Paramount Pictures

Before there was The Mighty Ducks there were The Bad News Bears. The Bad News Bears is the story of a ragtag group of kids coming together to win at baseball. Even though you all heard of that story before this movie has enough originality to make nay viewing enjoyable.

22. The Perfect Game

Image Entertainment

This movie is based on the true of the first international team to win the Little League World Series. This is a inspirational tale of how a team from Mexico was able to win it all despite having to deal racism and prejudice in 1950s America.

24. The Rookie

Walt Disney Pictures

The story of Jim Morris is an inspirational tale as a former minor league pitcher is given a second chance to play in the majors years after injuries ended his career. Dennis Quaid does a great job of portraying Morris as he tries to make the Majors at age 35.

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