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The 17 Times Former Congressman John Dingell Was Awesome At Twitter

Despite being retired from Congress John Dingell has kept busy by being great at Twitter.

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1. On being a Tigers fan.

Have the Tigers re-signed Koufax yet?


The older you get, the more stressful it becomes to handle the Tigers' bullpen.


The key to being 88 years old and staying up to watch the @tigers play West Coast night games is to take no less than 3 naps during the day.

4. On traveling with a spouse

PROS: She made it in time, and we're off to Michigan. CONS: She took away my candy. #FF @RepDebDingell


If anyone has seen @RepDebDingell, tell her that this plane and I have decided that we do not intend to wait for her if she is late.

6. On asking the important questions

Way too many print journalists follow me.

7. On what Twitter's real purpose should be

If only our economy were powered by terrible jokes on Twitter.

8. His idea on how NOT to celebrate a birthday

Well, how do folks celebrate their 89th birthday these days? And no, @GeorgeHWBush, I'm not going skydiving with you.

9. His response to a certain controversy

Why would anyone add guacamole to perfectly good peas?

10. On food and sports

Is there someone named "Sausage" in this game, or am I just Polish and hungry? Could be both. #USA

11. His ability to keep focus on what;s important

SCOTUS upholds the Affordable Care Act AND it's V-Mart Bobblehead Day at the @tigers game. Today's a good one.

12. His attitude towards DC weather

Back in DC and it's hotter than the bells of Hell in this unbearable swamp. Nothing makes you miss a Michigan winter quite like a DC summer.

13. His take on Presidential perks

US Presidents get to do many fun & exciting things. Playing 27 holes of golf with Tony Kornheiser does not sound like one of those things.

14. This...

15. His opinion on the NY Yankees.

Any time your team can beat the Yankees, it's special. You get the joy of a win AND the joy of a Yankees loss, all at the very same moment.

Any time your team loses to the Yankees, it's awful. You get the pain of a loss AND the pain of a Yankees win, all at the very same moment.

16. His opinion on Pluto

Feeling old because you remember when Pluto was a planet back when you were younger? I was born before they even discovered the darn thing.

17. There was also that time he replied to a job posting from Buzzfeed.

Is there an age limit?

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