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5 Terrible Seasons From Otherwise Great Shows

You have to admit that every once in a while your favorite show will have a bad episode. But, sometimes your show will have a season so bad that you wish you could forget about it.

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1. Parks and Recreation (Season 1)


Patience is a virtue and Parks and Rec shows what can happen when you give a show some time to grow. Season 1 was marked by bad charters, unoriginal stories and slow pacing. Season 1 of Parks and Rec started out as a poor man's The Office but after finding its way in season 2 the show quickly became one of the best sitcoms on TV. Also, ditching Paul Schneider and bringing Adam Scott definitely made the show a lot better.

2. 24 (Season 6)


Season 6 of 24 was so over the top with its ridiculousness and craziness that it pretty much became a parody of itself. With a nuke being detonated in LA to Jack's family getting involved this season was just one big mess. And, I will never forgive Jack for killing Curtis.

3. West Wing (Season 5)


If you want to see how important one person can be to a TV show compare season 5 of The West Wing to season 4. Other than the story-lines of Zoey Bartlett being kidnapped and President Bartlett facing down the Speaker of the House this season was very boring and didn't have the same flare that made the previous season awesome. There were plenty of missed opportunities this season as the handling of the VP selection was very uninspired & tedious and putting Josh Lyman in the doghouse didn't help the story at all.

With the introduction of the 2006 Presidential Election in season 6 The West Wing was able to recapture most of its former glory. Also adding Jimmy Smits and Alan Ada doesn't hurt either.

4. Dexter (Season 8)


If I had a time machine I would totally go back in time to stop season 8 of Dexter from ever getting made. The thing that really made season 8 suck so much was the final episode. As the death of Deb was handled very poorly to the ending being just one big cop out the final episode didn't answer any of the questions that fans were waiting to hear. The final episode was such a disappointment that it stills leaves a bad taste in the mouth of fans.

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