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5 Presents To Get Your Cat For Christmas

With Christmas closing in fast here is a list five gifts that will ensure that your cat will still love you after New Years.

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1. A Scratching Post

Are you tired of your cat clawing at your couch? Well it might be time to get a scratching post. This item will not only keep your cats claws healthy and strong but it will also prevent you from having to replace your couch every year.

2. Some Fancy Food

For once stop giving your cat the dry food your founding the bargain bin and spend some extra to get them the good stuff. If you love your cat you will not be afraid to make sure that their Christmas dinner is just as special as it will be for your.

3. A New Toy

Cats love to play and they also like to attack things. By getting your cat a new toy it allowed them to live out their inner hunter without you having to clean dead birds off your backdoor every morning. Also go big because your cat will know if you get them the cheap stuff.

4. A New Bed

Show your cat who is royalty by getting them brand new bed that is not only comfortable but is big enough for a king. Make sure you get a bed made with quality materials or they will takeover your bed for themselves.

5. Catnip

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If all else fails and you are afraid that your cat will either hate you or will want to kill you after Christmas there is always the option of giving catnip. Catnip can be a lifesaver as most cats love it and you get the bonus of seeing cat act like a buffoon. Catnip is the perfect gift for nearly any cat but have a backup option if your cat is immune to the effects of catnip.

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