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  • Lasers In Science Fiction Vs. Real Life - Which Is Better??

    Is 2014 not what you expected it would be? After The Jetsons and Back to the Future stunned you as a child with starry-eyed visions of incredible gadgets of the future, you aren’t the only one disappointed. Although we are making a few leaps and bounds in medicine and technology, we’ve made a list that would make even your former reading-comic-books-under-the-covers-self proud:

  • 29 Shades Of Yellow: Secretly Teeth-Staining Substances You’re Probably Using

    Everybody knows that coffee, red wine, and most fun and flavorful things can stain the heck out of your teeth. We here have taken to calling our pearly whites our muddy yellows. There are ways to treat staining, but isn’t it better to take preventative measures?? Below, find 29 foods, drinks, and habits that can secretly stain your smile-makers. Sorry, sorry…we’re running out of cutesy phrases for “teeth.”

  • 10 Unique (and Overlooked) Car Angles

    If you’ve ever watched 15 continuous minutes of television, you’ve seen a car commercial. And if you’ve seen one car commercial, you’ve pretty much seen them all. There are two varieties: the local dealership with its overly enthusiastic owner shouting at the camera, and the high-budget, brand-centric mash-up of shiny, sexy cars drivin’ fast and lookin’ good. Yawn. These out-of-the-box photos are a different story: they highlight the minute details that distinguish a comfortable commute from a joy ride. And some of them will make a car – that most commonplace of machines – into something totally new and unfamiliar. All photos are courtesy of access granted by Bob Moore Cadillac.

  • 7 Homes You Should Definitely Buy When You Win The Powerball

    So, Powerball says that the ticket with the winning numbers for giant $425 million jackpot was drawn last week, but no one’s stepped up to claim it. Even though the cash prize is slightly more than $242 mil, I’ve taken the liberty of real estate shopping for you. When you finally step up to claim your prize, I’ll only require a 10% finder’s fee. You’re welcome in advance!

  • 14 Wedding Rings Of Your Favorite Fictional Couples

    From books to television, everyone has their favorite fictional couple: you ooh and ahh over their perfect love and wish it for yourself. There’s no need to be embarrassed—we all do it. Sometimes the relationship doesn’t last, or sometimes it’s left to the audience to determine; they fight, they make-up, and they’ve won your heart. Here’s a list of the best, and a peek at their bling:

  • 10 Pop Culture Combovers To Make You Feel Better About Your Own

    It seems the press has gone comb-over crazy this year. With the celebrated released of American Hustle, the lost art form of the comb-over burst back into the limelight. Not many people embrace their thinning top end. A reported 30% of hair loss sufferers would give up sex to get their hair back. Today, we salute the celebrities who have embraced the noble comb-over on the stage or on the screen. The man responsible for the revival of the comb over is Christian Bale. Bale explained that he and director David O. Russell decided to put his character’s hair prep on film because of its ability to draw a crowd. Each day of shooting, Bale’s hair and makeup time drew attention like bees to honey. In this MTV News clip, Bale describes how to make the comb over magic happen.

  • The Greatest Hair Songs In History

    There are thousands of love songs about various admirable features - eyes, legs, and, ah, glutes, to name a few. But there’s nothing like a distinctive head of hair to really keep you thinking about your whatever. Especially when you find said hair in your sink/pillowcase/mouth. Which is why we started creating a playlist that’s hopelessly devoted to hair.

  • 10 Life Hacks You Never Thought Flossible

    Real talk: flossing is not fun for most people. How often have you looked at the seemingly one-use lump of floss in your medicine cabinet and yearned to use it for something other than dental torture? How often have you pondered that lonely container, wishing fervently to set it free from its proverbial chains of office? Look no further! Here are some ways to use your sadly neglected string; we can bet you’ve never thought of these before.

  • Ram Vs. Ram

    The Ram hood ornament first appeared on Dodge vehicles in 1933. Since then, the hardy animal has proudly represented a wide range of products, most notably the Ram Truck. Through its years of innovation, Ram Trucks have increased in power and overall capabilities. The ram animal is an impressive figure on its own. One of the biggest contrasts between the animal and the truck are the horns. The animal’s horns are used, essentially, to win the affection of females. But I’ll be the first to tell you that boasting about your horn skills on the truck probably won’t get you very far with the females. The following graphic features a few fun facts comparing the Ram Truck to its animal namesake.

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