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    36 Reasons There's More To Belfast Than The Troubles And The Titanic

    I'm proud of my mad, confusing, beautiful city

    1. Most people know Belfast for this.

    2. And this.

    3. But there's so much more to the city.

    4. We're surrounded by beautiful scenery. Here's the view from the top of Cave Hill.

    5. Minnowburn is pretty.

    6. We're pretty good at pubs. Such as traditional Irish ones.

    7. Ornate Victorian ones.

    8. And hall of mirrors ones.

    9. We have lots of festivals.

    10. We know that public art is best when you give it a stupid name. Like Nuala with the Hula...

    11. And the Balls on the Falls.

    12. These big shipyard cranes aren't used much these days.

    13. But if they ever come down, there will be tears.

    14. We've given the world our fair share of badasses. There's Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins.

    15. And George Best.

    16. Bestie was so cool, we renamed the airport after him.

    17. Mary Peters is an Olympic hero.

    18. Belfast architect Charles Lanyon was some boy. He designed Queen's University.

    19. And the Customs House.

    20. And the Palm House in Botanic Gardens.

    21. Not all of the architecture is great, though. City Hospital is magnificently ugly.

    22. The Titanic wasn't our only disastrous attempt at building something.

    23. Game Of Thrones is filmed nearby.

    24. So if you're wondering why we're all so beardy, that's because most of us have been extras in it.

    25. We like potatoes so much, we bake bread out of them.

    26. We also love soda farls.

    27. And if you order an Ulster fry, you get both.

    28. As for booze, the Scots don't have a monopoly on Buckfast.

    29. You can get lemonade delivered to your door.

    30. How about some edible seaweed?

    31. We're pretty good at music. Van's the man.

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    32. At the height of The Troubles, Stiff Little Fingers kicked against the pricks.

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    33. David Holmes is an understated genius.

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    34. We have the world's greatest continuity guy.

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    Never change, Julian Simmons.

    35. Our grannies know how to look after themselves, so don't mess with them.

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    36. And above all, one thing is for sure - the craic in Belfast is mighty.