Tiki’s Guide To Life

Tiki is a rescue dog, and she would like to share some doggy wisdom with you.

1. Be Grateful for All You Have

Spinning around is one good way to show it!

2. Vanquish Foes with Playful Chomps

Some hugs work too!

3. Let Others know You are “There” for Them

“I just wanna hug you Mr Squirrel!”

4. Be Clean!

And Modest!

5. Always Help A Friend

Oscar’s Holiday Gift a re-telling of The Grinch with Toys! CLICK HERE: / Via youtube.com

Even when they ask you to act in their funny little film!

6. Always Help Those In Need

Tiki called Rick’s attention to these two baby birds someone placed under the bushes in front of our building. They would never have survived long without help. They were taken in by The Wild Bird Fund to be rehabbed and they are probably soaring in the sky by now over the Lower East Side
Tiki also rescued a Snail in the middle of the sidewalk! He/she was safely returned to the flower patch.

7. Never be Afraid to Try New Things

Tiki’s first walk over The Williamsburg Bridge!

8. Never Stop Using Your Imagination!

Tiki as Drogon from Game of Thrones, watch the video HERE: / Via youtube.com

Or lose your belief in the Magical!

9. It is Never too Late to LOVE and be LOVED Again!

Oscar Madison NYC Facebook Page / Via Facebook: OscarMadisonNYC

10. Now Go Have Fun!

Oscar Madison NYC’s Facebook Page / Via Facebook: OscarMadisonNYC

11. Wheeee! Love, Tiki

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