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Meet Rustle, The World's Most Spoiled Armadillo

Livin' it up at the World Bird Sanctuary

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He's a 9 Pound 9 Banded Bundle of Fun!


"For an animal that does not see very well Rustle definitely knows where and when to be present. If a cabinet opens in the animal food prep room he is there in a heartbeat, especially if it contains towels. If a refrigerator door opens he is ready to jump in. Rustle loves his produce--tomatoes, watermelon, bell peppers, grapes, peaches, and will try anything he is given and quickly makes a mess with it." READ MORE!

Watch him roll in the bath!

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Nom nomin the corn & causing a ruckus!

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He's tearing up the towel cabinet too! Scroll to 2:29 and roll the ruckus!

"It's like Tremors but in the towels!"

Rustle has a lot of tail waggin' fun!

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Are you happy Rustle? Tail waggin' says YES!

Visit Rustle at his home and meet his friends!

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