Everything You Need For A Sriracha-Themed Party

Because the world’s best condiment deserves to be celebrated. Wildly.

1. This is me:

I love sriracha. It tastes amazing on everything; eggs, veggies, dessert, blah blah stating the obvious. Which is why every Sriracha enthusiast should throw a party to celebrate, consume, and honor the glorious rooster sauce.

2. First, you will need some decorations.

3. And to stock up on Sriracha of course.

Buy the whole shelf, you won’t regret it.

4. Next, put on your party clothes.

5. What’s that? You’re a male and prefer not to wear heels? Problem solved!

6. If you’re worried your newborn has to stay at home because they have nothing to wear, fear not!

Go easy on the Sriracha with the children though, wouldn’t want their tongues to combust at such an early age.

7. But you’re not going to win best dressed unless you really suit up.

Sight is overrated.

8. Now onto the more important things, like FOOD.

If you’re a big enough fan to throw this party, you surely already own this book. 50 recipes!

9. Let’s start with the most delicious recipe in the book, the Sriracha Mac & Cheese.

NOT just mac & cheese with Sriracha on top, offended you even thought that.

10. Some cheesy Sriracha bread would go great with that, don’t you think?

Carbs on carbs and cheese on cheese. Nothing better! Recipe here

11. Don’t forget the Sriracha fountain. Guests are definitely going to want to dip their food/tongues into more Sriracha

12. You + Sriracha fountain=

13. For the meat lover, here are wings with Honey Sriracha Sauce

Recipe here

14. For the healthy kind, whip up some salmon with a Sriracha-lime glaze.

Recipe here

15. Sriracha>butter when it comes to popcorn.

16. But remember that Sriracha tastes good on anything and everything, so don’t worry too much about what to cook.

Guaranteed success!

17. Don’t forget about drinks!

Beer mixed with Sriracha is a very real, wonderful thing. Complex recipe here.

18. To keep guests entertained, you might want to play some games.

Such as, “What WOULDN’T you put Sriracha on?”

19. And now for the part we’ve all been waiting for… DESSERT!

Dessert that involves hot sauce? YES. Stop being naive.

20. What do you get when you mix the world’s first best food with the second best?

Peanut butter and Sriracha cookies, duh. Recipe here

21. If cookies are too sophisticated, you can always resort to this:

22. On the other hand, if you consider yourself quite the chef, you can make some Sriracha ice cream sandwiches - from SCRATCH!

23. Look at those beauties!

Recipe here

24. Don’t forget about party favors!

25. Definitely throw in some Sriracha lip balm.

I think this may counteract the point of chapstick, but who cares, it’s Sriracha flavored!

26. Some Sriracha peas to snack on during the drive home.

27. And maybe raffle off a Sriracha assembly line?

Hoping to find this under my Christmas tree in 5 months.

28. So get those taste buds ready.

29. Tell your guests to come hungry.

30. And remember the only rule of the night:

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