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10 Alternative Breaking Bad Spinoffs

With "Better Call Saul" coming to AMC soon after "Breaking Bad" ends its final season, we took some time to think of some other potential spinoffs from television's greatest show.

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1. "Chemistry 101"

Before getting cancer and becoming Albuquerque's most notorious drug lord, Walter White was just an average high school chemistry teacher trying to get through the day and earn some extra money at the car wash. All he wants to do is "reach these kids," but being a high school chemistry teacher isn't all it's cut out to be. Look out for a young Jesse Pinkman sleeping in the back of the class.

2. "The Jesse Pinkman Chronicles"

Assuming Jesse makes it through "Breaking Bad" alive, he's gonna have to deal with a lot of the bad things he's done in his life. Finally heading to Alaska, Jesse vows to help the helpless whenever he can, preferably using science, bitch.

3. "Cookin' in the Kitchen with Gus!"

Coming soon to The Food Network, renowned fast food chain owner Gus Fring teaches you the secret to making delicious southern fried chicken made famous by Pollos Hermanos. Just wait until he teaches you his two-faced barbecue recipe, it's to die for!

4. "The Purple Klepto"

Before she was snatching up babies, Hank's wife Marie was stealing all kinds of frivolous items, such as purses, jewelry, you name it. See her deal with her own addiction this fall on TLC.

5. "Old Joe's Junkyard"

In this A&E show, Old Joe sure sees some colorful characters stop by his junkyard and drop off some pretty peculiar items. But if there's something you need in pinch, high powered magnets for example, Old Joe's probably got it.

7. "Gray Matter"

See Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz use Walter White's research to form what will eventually be a 2.16 billion dollar company that is nominated for a Nobel Prize. Produced by David Fincher.

8. "Gale's Finer Things"

Before he was unceremoniously taken out by Jesse, Gale Boetticher enjoyed the finer things in life: a good book, a nice glass of wine, and, of course, karaoke. Watch Gale teach you the secret to being a happy single man of class on the Style Network.

9. "Badger and Skinny Pete Do Hollywood"

Watch as these two wacky stoners make their way to Los Angeles with the dream of pitching new ideas to Hollywood. Hilarious antics follow but when Badger falls in love with a famous actress, their lives may change forever.

10. "BREAKFAST! with RJ Mitte"

And finally, who doesn't love breakfast?!? This new show premieres daily between 8:00AM and 9:00AM and features RJ Mitte sitting at a table eating breakfast with you. Tomorrow on "Breakfast with RJ Mitte". . . toast!

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