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Scandinavia And The World: Hetalia's Crack-Addled Cousin

Hey, all you Hetalians! Meet APH, but with more gay.

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For those who don't know what either is, here's a quick intro.

Axis Powers Hetalia is a manga and anime series about history, mostly WW2 using allegories involving the anthropomorphic personifications of countries. In this pic, the auburn hair guy is Italy, Germany is immediately behind him, and Japan is wearing the white. The characters are based off of stereotypes. (i.e. Japan is extremely polite, France flirts with everyone, etc.) It also uses homoerotic subtext and comedy to teach you about history.

Scandinavia and The World is a webcomic by humon, a Danish artist after finding the stereotypes the Nordics in APH didn't match up with the stereotypes she grew up with. Above is the main cast, de-chibified. (left to right: Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.) Also, they appear to live in a parallel universe, as there are no humans, just the countries.

The Hetalia Nordics. (clockwise from top: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway.)

Hetalia focuses on history and international relations, with plenty of character development. (It also started as a webcomic.) The Nordic nations are minor characters so far, with Sweden and Finland getting the most develpment. SatW is mostly current events, with a lot about Denmark. They both also have genderbends, but in Hetalia, they're in an alternate universe that Estonia ended up in once; while in SatW the genderbends are referred to as Sister ___. Some of the characters have glaring differences between the two.


Yeah, feel free to double take. This Finland works as Santa Claus for the other Nations, is nice, and has a puppy named Hanatomago he shares with Sweden. He's also very talkative and owns a sniper rifle. May or may not return feelings for Sweden.

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