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    • CliftonQuest

      The above rant from Tony Harris isaprime example of “bitching.” It is notarational, benign pointing out of “a fact.” What he is saying is that the majority of female cosplayers are some kind of lying predator. Sure, he makes the requisite exception for the ‘good ones’ (based on his personal definition of such), but says he only knows “a few.”  Atamere glance he can apparently somehow divine not only whatawoman’s entire purpose is for wearingacostume, but also knows how she conducts herself in other aspects of her life. See how this is not justapointing out of facts? He is merely making assumptions about complete strangers and then getting really angry about the motives he imagines them to have.

    • CliftonQuest

      Bottom line, ALL cosplayers like something about their chosen characters enough to put together their costumes and display them. And that is all that matters. As someone else said on the subject: at the worst, the absolute worst, they are finding enjoyment inadifferent aspect of something you like. No one should be vilified for that, especially not based on the imaginary, unsubstantiated ulterior motives he casts on these people who he knows absolutely zero about. Overshadowed by his view of female cosplayers is the fact that his view of the “average Comic Book Fan” is equally insulting. The average fan is apparentlyamale, socially awkward virgin who rarely or never speaks to girls and needs protection from these evil, vile jezebels.

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