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9 Awesomely Awkward Gifts For The Royal Baby Prince (And 1 Great One)

OMG. I love your baby's accent!

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5. Boston Tea Party Lego set

Via lego.cooperman.net

Let's let bygones be bygones - this was just the early Bostonians being cheeky as all get out. Er... knowing today's Bostonians, they were probably just drunk.

6. G.I. Joe

Via yojoe.com

The thing about this, is that it actually does seem totally normal for this soldier to pair a Hawaiian print shirt with his standard issue army pants. Nothing dodgy about that!

7. L.A. Galaxy Beckham "kit"

Via amazon.com

If we're being fair, he didn't really "bend it" as well as we thought he would for the Galaxy, but we Americans appreciated the closer proximity to his talent [read: abs] all the same.

9. A cold beer

Via homewetbar.com

I ask you, what is the most vital asset in American culture that we can infuse into the heart of this newest royal? COLD. BEER. Nothing else is as refreshing on a hot day, yields as much camaraderie at a sporting event, or could ever have inspired the KOOZIE as much as this chilled beverage.

"Cellar" temperature just isn't the same. You can thank us later.

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