12 Things *Not* To Do For Your Family Christmas Card

Don’t kid yourself. This might be a “merry and bright” time of year, but it’s also the time of year when you spend hundreds of dollars on lawn and house holiday lights to outdo your neighbors, cut in line at the Target register and lick about a hundred envelopes. Oh, you thought the family holiday card was safe? WRONG. Photoshop-friendly photogs are a dime a dozen these days — consider the ante officially UPPED. So, because we know what we’re talking about, and we’re awesome at cards, we’ve compiled a guide of what NOT to do to help you take the perfect year-end family shot.

1. [D]DIY

DON’T do it yourself.

2. 3D film

Things will get weird.

3. Speedos. Or really any swimwear.

Unless you’re the Phelps family, this just nonsense.

4. Candids!

They’re not as charming as you think.

5. Underage drinking

Are you NUTS? This is a national epidemic, people.

6. Politically incorrect costumes

And fire.

7. How about *any* costumes

We still love you, Cam.

8. This. Let’s be real. This is just confusing.

Like an “I-Spy” puzzle on crack.

9. Daredevil stunts

She’s lucky that worked out.

10. Synchronized dancing

And any sort of Hugh Hefner impression.

11. And YES. That absolutely, hands-down, includes TWERKING.

Even if it’s under water.

12. Matching sweater vests

…poor George!

OK, so — we get it. That’s a LOT of rules. So, however your photo turns out, send all your cards right from your desktop or iPhone with CleverCards — to anywhere in the world, or even on Facebook and email. With tons of designs to choose from and discounts for bulk orders, your card will be impressive, even if only to you, at how easy that was.

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