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    Here's What Happens When You Mix Beer And Mac And Cheese

    For all the beer lovers out there who love mac and cheese... this one's for you!

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    Beer Mac And Cheese


    Here's what you'll need:
    - 16 Ounce Box of Pasta

    - 3 Tablespoons Butter

    - 3 Tablespoons Flour

    - 1 Cup of German Pilsner-Style Beer

    - 1 Cup Cream

    - 4 Ounces Cream Cheese

    - 8 Ounces Shredded Cheddar Cheese

    - 8 Ounces Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

    Boil pasta until cooked, drain and set aside.

    Melt butter in a clean pot, and add flour. Mix until it forms a paste.

    Pour in beer, then cream, and finally cream cheese. Stir until melted and bring to a low boil.

    Add in both types of cheese and stir until melted. Add pasta to the pot (or in a separate serving bowl if preferred). Optional - top with more cheese and sea salt for extra flavor. Pair with your favorite beer, and enjoy!

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