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    15 Ways Your Picnic Will Be The Envy Of The Whole Park

    pasta salads, sandwiches, galettes, tramezzini, pies, asparagus, strawberries and all kind of goodies.

    1. Pasta Salad in a Jar

    Claudia Rinaldi | Gourmet Project / Via

    2. Spring green lentil sandwiches with walnut herb ricotta

    Rhubarbarians / Via

    3. Rhubarb Galette

    Liv for Cake / Via

    4. Curry Turkey Tramezzini

    Claudia Rinaldi | Gourmet Project / Via

    5. Beet-Dyed Mustard Ranch Deviled Eggs

    A Side Of Sweet / Via

    6. Asparagus Tarts with a Pesto Surprise aka Asparagoose Tarts

    Tin & Thyme / Via

    7. Spicy Maple Bacon Crackers with Cheesy Mustard Mayo

    Whitty Paleo / Via

    8. Mini Key Lime Pies

    Liv for Cakes / Via

    9. Kale Pesto & Cauliflower Picnic Pies

    The Veg Space / Via

    10. Mango Ceviche in a Jar

    Claudia Rinaldi | Gourmet Project / Via

    11. Lemon, Thyme and Garlic Marinated Olives

    Deliciously Everyday / Via


    The Purple Ladle / Via

    13. Harissa Potato Salad

    strenght & Sunshine / Via

    14. Antipasto Loaf

    Living Lou / Via

    15. Japanese Strawberry Salami Salad

    Wandercooks / Via
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