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    21 Signs The Post Festival Struggle Is Real

    If you hopelessly check hashtags from your favorite festival for pics, you're not alone.

    1. You have watched the official festival aftermovie 15 times already.

    Tiesto / Via

    And cried every time the fireworks and music aligned perfectly.

    2. You're still finding glitter in your duffle bag.

    At this point you've succumb to your fate and decided to join the fairies and unicorns in their glitter conquest.

    3. Trying to explain the festival to your friends is basically pointless.

    "No guys it was seriously like the coolest thing ever when Rihanna came out on stage and. . . . ugh. You just had to be there man."

    4. You spend all day looking through your festival photos on your phone, over and over again.

    Who cares if the video is shaky and the audio sounds like loud farts, you were there and that's what matters.

    5. You've already purchased tickets for next year's festival.

    Coachella tickets > paying your student loans . . . duh.

    6. Your heart still races when you watch your favorite dj's set.

    After each festival you begin to wonder how many best nights or your life you can have, because there aren't enough fingers to count at this point.

    7. You set up a tent in the living room to feel like you're back at the camping grounds.

    And you invited all your friends over to watch the live stream of ACL Weekend 2.

    8. Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about how epic (insert artist name)'s set was.

    You heard Outkast play "Ms. Jackson," your life will never be the same and your friends just don't understand.

    9. Feeling clean and showered feels abnormal but heavenly to you.

    But you secretly still use dry shampoo daily because it's just. SO. DAMN. EASY.

    10. You feel lost without a place to dress and dance like an absolute maniac.

    I mean where else can you wear literally anything in the world and dance like nobody is watching?

    11. You've spent countless hours scouring festival tags on social media to relive the moment.

    Clark McCaskill / BuzzFeed

    You keep telling yourself you'll go to bed after you browse through just 25 more photos... but you know that is a lie.

    12. Your friends think you're nuts for wanting to go to three sets in one night.

    Child please, that's minor league for a festival veteran.

    13. You finally had to cut off all your festival wristbands because they smelled like wet feet.

    And it was practically just as hard as saying goodbye to your best friend. Moment of silence for the fallen arm decor.

    14. You frequently refer to music festivals as your happy place.

    Surrounded by the best of bands, the best of friends, and the best of times how could it not be?

    15. You have gotten into near fistfights discussing whose set was best.

    "I loved Phoenix and Kanye killed it of course, but I just wasn't that impressed with Elton John."

    *civil war ensues*

    16. You still find yourself bobbing to any rhythmic sound you hear like your car's blinker or the washing machine.

    Boots and pants and boots and pants and.

    17. You had to pack up the clothing you can't get away with wearing post-festival season.

    Dressing like a neon flower child of the future is hella fun at festivals but hella weird in the real world. Sorry.

    18. You and your friends have sworn to each other that you’re going to Tomorrowland next year at least 20 times.

    "Dude, next year we are totally going to Tomorrowland, no question about it. We're making it happen, like for real this time."

    19. You feel empty inside not knowing the next time you'll get to see your favorite artist perform live.

    I guess you just have to lose yourself in the music the moment you want it. *heh*

    20. You waited 3 months to clean the dust and mud off your shoes.

    21. Your heart aches to be back in the positivity and unity that abounds at music festivals.

    But you know that in less than a year you'll be back there in the field dancing your heart out with 60,000 of your best friends.