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21 Signs The Post Festival Struggle Is Real

If you hopelessly check hashtags from your favorite festival for pics, you're not alone.

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7. You set up a tent in the living room to feel like you're back at the camping grounds.

And you invited all your friends over to watch the live stream of ACL Weekend 2.


11. You've spent countless hours scouring festival tags on social media to relive the moment.

Clark McCaskill / BuzzFeed

You keep telling yourself you'll go to bed after you browse through just 25 more photos... but you know that is a lie.


13. You finally had to cut off all your festival wristbands because they smelled like wet feet.

And it was practically just as hard as saying goodbye to your best friend. Moment of silence for the fallen arm decor.


18. You and your friends have sworn to each other that you’re going to Tomorrowland next year at least 20 times.

"Dude, next year we are totally going to Tomorrowland, no question about it. We're making it happen, like for real this time."

20. You waited 3 months to clean the dust and mud off your shoes.

It feels like carrying a part of the festival with you and facing the fact the festival is over is just unbearable.