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    Public Service Announcement: Please Stop Trying To Make Peppa Pig Cakes

    Just stop it.

    In case you're from some other planet, this is Peppa Pig.

    Peppa's a hit and her features seem to be easy to reproduce. And therein lies the problem, because...

    1. Everybody now thinks they can make a Peppa cake.

    2. And that's just not true, as you can see:

    3. This nose is an abomination.

    4. But making a Peppa cake without the nose doesn't quite work either...

    5. You're always left feeling that you ALMOST had the proportions right.

    6. And that you put the eyes in ALMOST the right place.

    7. Sometimes, you get the impression that nothing is actually where it's supposed to be.

    8. NOTHING.

    9. This is Peppa after eating a few too many of these botched cakes.

    10. And here she looks like she forgot to wax her upper lip.

    11. Something's missing...

    12. Hmmm, that's not quite it, is it?

    13. I think Peppa stepped somewhere she shouldn't have.

    14. And, of course, sometimes Peppa turns out like something just downright obscene.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.