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    24 Things That Aren't Completely Awful About Swindon

    It's not as bad as you think. FACT.

    1. The Magic Roundabout isn't that scary.

    Flickr: 12567713@N00 / Creative Commons

    OK, this is a lie. But everyone knows its a nightmare, so ~most~ drivers are forgiving. And you have to marvel at the whoever decided to turn five mini roundabouts into one big one.

    2. Our H&M is huge, and it doesn't sell out of the good stuff.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    The ones in Bristol and Bath can be a nightmare, but in Swindon it's a) much quieter and b) you can usually find things that have flown off the rails elsewhere. Same goes for Topshop and, in fact, all your favourite high street chains.

    3. You find train themed things, and even old bits of train, everywhere.

    Flickr: stawarz / Creative Commons

    4. Including the outlet shopping centre, which is in the old Great Western Railway works.

    5. Swindon Oasis gets some big name bands and comedians.

    6. The slides in the Oasis leisure centre are the stuff of childhood dreams.

    7. Lydiard Park is a beautiul place to go for a walk.

    8. As is Lawns Park in Old Town.

    Flickr: 72305116@N08 / Creative Commons

    9. Speaking of Old Town, can we take a moment for Wood Street?

    10. Just look at this ivy covered pub. Look. At. It.

    11. When you're on a health kick there's this oh-so-cool juice bar, The Core.

    12. And you can get a really good coffee at Darkroom Espresso.

    13. You certainly wouldn't expect an Art Deco diving board at Coate Water.

    Flickr: flamesworddragon / Creative Commons

    14. If you're a fan of coffee, or cocktails, or vinyl – or all of them, head to Baila. Another very cool place, up in Old Town.

    15. Swindon is a great place for history buffs. The Historic England archive, English Heritage HQ and the National Trust are within 5 minutes of each other.

    16. Plus the National Trust HQ has a pretty decent café.

    Clare Wilson / Sally Ivens / BuzzFeed

    It's right outside the Outlet centre - perfect if you need a post-shopping coffee.

    17. You can escape to the countryside too. Barbury Castle is an Iron Age hillfort, but most importantly: THAT VIEW.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    18. Bath and Bristol are less than an hour away by train, if you need to escape to the big city.

    Flickr: dgmckelvey / Creative Commons

    19. There's the volunteer-run Museum of Computing. If you're bored of your Nintendo Switch, you can play here instead!

    Flickr: williamsdb / Creative Commons

    It's only open on Fridays and Saturdays, but it's only £2 for an adult.

    20. Plus there's STEAM, which is great if you have family visiting.

    nigelmenzies / Via Flickr: nigelmenzies

    But not if mannequins give them nightmares.

    21. The Wyvern Theatre is great if you want to see a show.

    22. You always know where you are when you have this tower to navigate by.

    Flickr: alexmartin81 / Creative Commons

    23. Tapas at Los Gatos is basically a reason to move here.

    24. In conclusion: It's Pretty OK.

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