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21 Quirks People From Leicester Don't Realise Are Super Weird

Cheese should always be orange.

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3. Calling this a jitty:

johnedline48/instagram / Via

Or gitty. Potato, potato.

4. Using "duck" (duk) or "duckie" (dukkeh) as an affectionate term.

dukkigifts/instagram / Via

10. Secretly still loving all the Richard III stuff.

bluesboyfil/instagram / Via

Yes, yes, the carpark. You love it, I know you do.

11. Expecting all prisons to look like this:

thisisleicester/instagram / Via

12. Thinking all museums have massive dinosaur skeletons. / Via

14. Also being slightly proud to be from the same place as the first world’s heaviest man Daniel Lambert.

15. Always meeting at the Clocktower. / Via

17. Eating Walker’s Crisps on principle.

18. Knowing the smell of the market.

A heady mix of fresh fruit and trodden on cabbage leaves in the largest outdoor covered market in Europe.

19. Owning something sparkly from one of the shops on Golden Mile, whatever your ethnicity.

20. Having Thai monks bless the football pitch.

Michael Regan / Getty Images

OK, maybe it is a bit weird. But it happened the season that Leicester City won the Premiership so…


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