23 People Who Are Normalizing Cat Fashion

From lazer beam-shooting cat t-shirts to shorts covered in the furry felines, cat fashion is… the cat’s meow?

1. They call him the Godpawther.

BelovedShirts / Via belovedshirts.com

2. Another year. Another family holiday card enhanced.

3. Shooter McGavin: A connoisseur of golf, real estate and cat t-shirts.

4. Mr. Shnuggles is not pleased with the new cat.

How dare he bring a bow tie into the equation.

5. I curse every student I have previously sat behind.

6. Now the East Coast natives can partake in the cat worshipping too.

We all know the Polos cannot be sacrificed.

7. Feeling a little left out here…

8. Dillon Francis doesn’t mess around when it comes to cats.

Despite the name of his song, he does GAFOS about the kitties.

9. Oh no he didn’t…

oh yes he did.

10. This is just the beginning.

Cats have acquired the shirts and pants. Next, planet earth.

11. He must be the father…

… of this struggling youngin’.

arif toor / Via youtube.com

12. Who’s the odd man out?

Cut off sleeves are so 2010.

13. Shark Week ratings are down. Discovery to pick up Ferocious Cat Week.

14. Gap staff on strike until this line is acquired.

15. Must be his spirit animal.

16. They call him “Icebox” cuz he’s so cool.

17. The cats can’t seem to find the escape route.

missm382 / Via Instagram: @missm382

18. It’s just so life-like.

19. Don’t have a real cat to wear on your head? He found the next best thing.

P_Ziaga / Via Instagram: @p_ziaga

20. Kitty is not pleased with your lack of attention.

MikeMillan / Via Instagram: @mikemillan

21. Wait… the cat or you?

AriannKaz / Via Instagram: @ariannkaz

22. We are no longer in control.

23. The Original Cat Pants.

Quality has seemed to diminish over the years.

Bonus: Fashion Trends for Cats

The revamped iPhone 5 is so overrated. Cat headphones are the next big thing.

Sol Republic / Via youtube.com

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