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Little Rabbit's Long Journey Home

In 2012 a very special rabbit made a journey of more than 1400 miles to stay with a foster family because his owner had to work abroad – now his owner has returned and he’s going home at last! Warning Cute Alert!

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a Little Rabbit's European Adventure

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube - myaware Charity

Henry heads to Spain.... and now he's coming home

Henry is an ordinary rabbit – but his owner adores him and when she went travelling – it was decided that Henry was going to make the journey from London to Malaga in Spain to stay with her parents (or Grand-Rab and Bun-Nanna as they came to be called) rather than give him up permanently.

Due to transport restrictions Henry made the long journey by train through the Channel Tunnel and travelled via Paris and Madrid to his new home in the hills in Malaga.

About to make the return journey, Henry's adventure has been pledged to muscle weakness charity – myaware in a bid to raise awareness for the rare condition – myasthenia - and to help raise funds for the UK and Ireland based non-profit.

Henry's outward journey was recorded and is now on YouTube and he'll be keeping his followers updated as he comes home to London.

You can follow Henry's Journey on …

The journey starts on 12th August – will you be following?

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