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    If You've Ever Been Overlooked As A WD Or WA — This Post Is For You!

    "Take out one of the wings!" — every idiot on the sideline everywhere.

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    1. Because WA and WD are always up for a laugh — on and off the court.

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    They always have a smile on their face, they'll never say no to a cheeky bev and their cackle is infectious.

    2. Because having a great WD is like having a shot of coffee in the morning — they'll always pick you up when you're feeling tired.

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    I cannot count the amount of times that the words of encouragement of a WD has given me that extra push to keep going when I just wanted to give up and go lie down on the side of the court.

    3. Because, while the GA and GS tend to get all the glory for team goals, all good netballers will know that WA is actually the real playmaker.

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    Plus, they're always ready for a quick pass back.

    4. Even though they're WAY too humble to actually claim credit for that.


    Don't worry WA's — we see you.

    5. Because having a good WD is like having an extra set of eyes and they always know where you need to be.


    By the time I was 17, I had played defence with the same GK and same WD for years. As well as defending her WA, the WD would call out directions for us, so we always knew where our player was without having to take our eyes off the ball.

    6. Because when it comes to a centre pass, the WA is always ready for the quick break.


    She's the speediest one on the court TBH.

    7. And because they're a little pocket rocket — always finding space at exactly the right time.

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    How did you get there so quickly?!

    8. Because WD is the GK's ROCK when it comes to baseline throw-ins.

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    You try getting the ball into the centre third without your WD, while the GA and WA hang back by the second transverse line! It's HARD!

    9. Because once the ball is with the shooters, you can bet the WA is either in the pocket or at the top of the circle, ready and waiting for that quick pass.


    She's the best backup to have on the outer edge.

    10. Because when the WD switches to C, you finally understand the glorious power of a defensive centre.


    If you've played netball you know that traditionally, a centre comes from an attack background. But the only thing better than seeing a GD fly through the air for an intercept, is seeing a centre do it — because literally no one is expecting it.

    11. Because WA is always ready with the "here if you need!" because they are, in fact, always there if you need them.


    Plus, they're also shout something encouraging like "up and in" when the shooters are going for goal.

    12. Because the WD knows how to take a stand just as well as a GD or GK.


    With all the eyes on the goal circle, you'll be forgiven for not noticing the WD. But next time you're watching the game, keep an eye on them, because there's no way she's letting the WA into the pocket.

    13. And because they're not scared to remind you — it's just a game.

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    A WD will always speak their mind. And you need someone on your team to tell you to just calm the heck down.

    14. Because both WAs and WDs are always like, super chill.

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    Let's be honest a netball team can sometimes be a little tense, but the most laid-back and relaxed person always plays on the wings.

    15. And finally, because both positions are ALWAYS team players.

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    A WD and WA are the fulcrums of the team — they hold the two ends together and they always make sure everyone is playing their best. We love you, wings!

    So which position do you think is better? Tell us in the comments below!