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    15 Natural Wonders That Should Make Australia Number One On Any Bucket List

    Just praying for those borders to reopen so I can travel again.

    If you're anything like me, you've probably been coping with self-isolation by creating a bucket list of places to travel to when they're lifted.

    And while staring at amazing photos on Insta, it's become obvious to me that Australia is always going to be number one on anyone's bucket list. Here are the photos that prove it.

    1. This amazing bioluminescent algae that can be found in places like Jervis Bay.

    Jordan Robbins / Via Facebook: JordanRobinsPhoto

    Whoever thought this gorgeous colour could be created by bioluminescent algae? Definitely not me and I'm from the South Coast! While it technically can be found anytime, over the last few years, it's been present between May-August.

    Seriously, if these photos by Jordan Robbins don't inspire you to go the South Coast, nothing will.

    2. These natural infinity pools that make you feel like you're floating with the whole world at your feet.

    3. This marvellous "Wave Rock" that can be found in Western Australia.

    4. These shipwrecks that are just waiting to be explored.

    5. This gorgeous, open sky that can only be found in outback Australia.

    6. These Horizontal Falls that will make you question how the world works.

    7. These little hatchlings trying their best to make it home to the ocean.

    8. These massive underwater organisms that make up "the biggest orgy on earth".

    9. This annual cuttlefish migration in South Australia.

    10. These giant dinosaur footprints found in Broome.

    11. These colourful lakes that are just begging to be marvelled at in Western Australia.

    12. The annual migration of the red crabs from land to coast on Christmas Island.

    13. These bubble tents that will really get you back in touch with nature.

    14. These tulips coupled with Aurora Australias in Tasmania.

    15. And finally, these simply gorgeous shores, because even the little towns in Oz, have a whole lot of beauty.