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    The Big Bogan Is An Actual Monument In Australia And It Is Glorious AF

    Throw away the Big Banana, it's the Bogan's time to shine.

    Guys, I'm not even joking, there's a literal giant statue of a bogan in the small Australian town of Nyngan, NSW.

    Just look at him – he's pretty much Russell Coight on holiday!

    The Southern Cross screams "I am a proud Australian."

    The thongs? Classic Aussie footwear.

    And the monogrammed esky is definitely either filled with Tooheys or VB.

    But, like, what prompts a town to get together and say, "Hey, you know what we need..."

    Turns out that the Big Bogan was built to revamp tourism in Nyngan.

    And he is COMPLETELY on theme – Nyngan is right next to the Bogan River. I mean, of course it is.

    This statue celebrates all the bogans we have in our lives.

    He looks damn majestic though. 👏👏👏

    And I'm honestly here for it. I don't think I've ever seen anything more bogan.