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    21 Writing Frustrations That The Pandemic Brought Out In Creative Types

    "Oh look, there goes my deadline...along with all the fucks I give."

    1. The crushing feeling when you try to explain to people that no, you're not going to finish the pandemic with a full-fledged book and publishing contract.

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    Puh-lease β€” I'm finishing this pandemic with heightened anxiety and a new penchant for instant coffee.

    2. Struggling to communicate to the world that because of everything that's going on β€” it feels like the creativity has just been sucked out of you.


    Writer's block has never been more of a real thing.

    3. And, if you're working in a creative field, absolutely dreading your upcoming deadlines.


    Hi, yes, sorry β€” the words are not co-operating today. Please. Thank you.

    4. Becoming irrationally jealous of people online announcing that they're going to use this time to write a book β€” just 'cause.


    I'm struggling to write an email subject, let alone a whole book.

    5. Getting a random surge of motivation and setting yourself an (unrealistic) word limit.


    Ah yes β€” 5,000 words a day sounds about right.

    6. Then, trying to stick to your goals when the dirty clothing pile has doubled and the kitchen is always a mess.

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    How has it taken me a pandemic to notice how much of a slob I am?

    7. Immediately giving up on the word limit and hating everything about this situation you're stuck in (again).

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    It's a vicious cycle.

    8. Using a bunch of filler words just to get to your word limit and basking in the false sense of accomplishment it gives you.


    We've all been there.

    9. Spiralling as you completely rethink your career and decide to become a painter.

    Clare Aston / BuzzFeed

    Me after trying (and failing) to complete one paint by numbers.

    10. And procrastinating the procrastination because...TV.


    Despite my creativity sucking the last 13 months, people have been making some quality television content!

    11. Frustratingly swaying back and forth between productivity and procrastination as you start your journal again, only to be both buoyed and dismayed by bullet journalists.


    How do you do it? Tell me your secrets.

    12. Telling yourself that reading is a form of ~writing practice~ and completely ignoring your WIP.


    The prose in this book is 100% astounding.

    13. Falling into a pit of self doubt that nothing you ever write will be as good as the classics.


    Maybe...too astounding.

    14. Finally getting into the writing zone, only to be distracted once again by the state of the world.


    Facebook and Twitter are not your friend.

    15. Feeling a surge of accomplishment as you write down all the local writing competitions in your diary.


    Yes, I will finally adhere to a strict schedule and have a short story ready for this competition in three months time...

    16. Followed by a burgeoning shame as the dates flick by at a ridiculous speed and you realise you don't have anything prepared.


    How is it 2021 already β€” March was two weeks ago.

    17. Finishing off a section (chapter, paragraph, line) and obsessively editing it again and again.


    No, I will not move onto the plot until the prologue is perfect.

    18. And constantly looking up obscure grammar rules to double check you got it right.


    Is it "which" or "what"? I can never remember.

    19. Printing off a nice clean page, only to find a teeny mistake leading you to redline it and print it off all over again.


    This tiny imperfection is going to lead to $50 in printer ink.

    20. Having it finally dawn on you that it's okay to not be creative right now β€” cause you're in the midst of a shitshow.

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    Hindsight is 2020 anyway, your writing will be better for it.

    21. And lastly, being really proud of what you've accomplished β€” no matter what it was or wasn't. Because getting through this period of time is enough β€” you don't need a massive project to show the world how you've spent your ~pandemic years~.

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    Kudos if you have, but it's okay if you didn't.