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    After Watching "Sex Education" I Have Serious Questions For The British Populace

    Please answer me, I feel so lost.

    🚨Mild spoilers ahead!!🚨

    Recently, after the incessant badgering from my friends — I started to watch Sex Education. Two days and two seasons later here I am — in love with the show, but also confused as hell.

    1. First off, why is it always sunny? I thought it was meant to rain constantly in Britain.

    2. And when it does inevitably rain, how do Eric and Otis get to school? Riding their bikes in the rain must suuuck.

    3. Do all British schools look like fancy castles that have a ghost or two in the attic?

    4. And why is it, that with this extremely fancy school, no one is in uniform?

    5. Surely, there would be at least a dress code?!

    6. What year is this show set in? Because we've got smartphones, but the fashion and cars seem to be hella retro.

    7. Why is swimming the only major sport at this British high school? I thought you were all rugby and cricket fans.

    8. And why is there no mention of FOOTBALL?

    9. When Maeve's brother mixed a drink for Jackson on school grounds — are you seriously telling me NO ONE confiscated it?

    10. Also, is everyone just really chill about selling grog to underage teens?

    11. The same with Maeve always smoking cigarettes. In Oz, you have to be 18 to buy them — is that not the same in Britain?

    12. Why is there just a random abandoned train/car dumping ground where they all go to smash things?

    13. Why is there not a school bus? I thought all schools had bus routes where they just went around and picked up the kids.

    14. How come none of the teachers made the students stop dry humping in the school?

    15. And finally, what the hell do I have to do to get a house like Otis'?