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    15 Types Of Parents Who Dragged Themselves Out Of Bed To Watch Saturday Morning Netball

    Which ones are your parents?

    1. The wholesome parent who has no idea what's going on, but is just so proud their kid is participating.


    Without fail, they bring a big Tupperware of orange slices for all the kiddies to snack on during half-time and tells their kid that they'll "get 'em next time", even though they probably won't.

    2. The parent who doubles up as a coach, to varying degrees of success.


    No matter if the team is winning or loosing, this parent has a clipboard in hand and is just trying to get through game without an injury. They always have a whistle around their neck for when they're running drills, or when they want to get the kidlets to pay attention.

    3. The parent who is dazed and confused because they're up so early on a Saturday morning.


    An easy signifier is the giant cup of coffee they've got their hands wrapped around and the glassy-eyed stare to the question, "How are you going this morning?".

    4. The really enthusiastic parent who used to play when they were a teenager.


    They can be caught telling the other parents about the private coaching sessions they do at home with their children and whether or not they would like to join in?

    5. The parent who also is an umpire and whose whites are always, just simply, dazzling.


    They're always a good egg to have on the sidelines because they keep the other parents from yelling at the calls made against their children. But god forbid there actually is a bad call, because umpire-dad is going to go off.

    6. The parent who thinks their kids are playing in the grand final of the Commonwealth Games.


    Doesn't matter if it's a netters game or state champs, there's always one parent who gets a little too into it. But hey, at least they're enthusiastic!

    7. The parent who acts like they're a professional photographer who's been paid for the event.


    They may accidentally take out the umpire occasionally, but they take great action shots of everyone looking like they actually know what they're doing. You'll appreciate the mementos when you're in your mid-twenties and have early arthritis in your knees.

    8. The parent who is a multitasking god.


    They've got multiple kids, all playing a game on different courts, but somehow they manage to be at all of them. Plus, they have a spare pair of runners in the boot and swathes of strapping tape just in case anything happens.

    9. The parent who keeps the team spirit alive.


    They're able to be heard from six courts over, but no one minds because it's always positive stuff like, "Keep up the good work, sweetie!". They keep positive off the court too and they've got a bunch friends they made on the sideline.

    10. The parent who always manages to get her kid looking flawless.

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    No matter how hard they run, their kid will never have a hair out of place, because their parent knows how to braid hair like a Gordian Knot. Don't even get me started on the matching coloured ribbons.

    11. The parent who rocks up right on the first buzzer.


    You can't say a bad thing about them because they're always juuuust on time. But they definitely get your heart rate up as you're waiting for them to arrive.

    12. The parent who is just so happy to be here.


    They've got a "Whooooooo!" ready for each goal scored and always host the team BBQ at the end of every season. Because they're always early and they always help clean up, they've also accidentally picked up the role of "team manager".

    13. The one who is everyone's best friend and who just knows everything.

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    Honestly, they're a walking catalogue of who's who in the netball community. They're also the best at the community car-pool and majority of the time they're also looking after three kids whose parents are at work.

    14. The one who is there to remind everyone that they're all here for a good time.


    They're the little voice that pops up when there's an argument about to brew over whose turn it is to wash the bibs, reminding everyone that they're all just here to support their kids and have a good time. Not everything needs to be taken so seriously.

    15. And finally, the parent who can already taste the championship.


    They have a family trophy case and they've already cleared a space for this year's netball trophy. Now the only thing left to do, is to convince the rest of the team to get into the winning mindset.