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    21 Of Kath's Earrings Ranked From Season One Of "Kath And Kim"

    Now, I've got four words to say to you: "Gumnut Baby Earrings".

    21. The "Barely There" earrings.

    Super tiny, bright pink studs
    ABC / Netflix

    Honestly, took me forever to realise she was even wearing any.

    20. These "Sunshine and Daisies" earrings.

    Kath wearing giant gilded flower studs
    ABC / Netflix

    Kinda cute, kinda meh.

    19. The "Wear Your Heart On Your Ears" earrings.

    The earrings are tiny pink love hearts with gold pieces dangling off them
    ABC / Netflix

    Tiny, baby-pink hearts aren't really any sort of vibe anymore. Sorry, Kath.

    18. The "Blue Lagoon" earrings.

    Tiny little blue hoops
    ABC / Netflix

    Love the colour, but I wish they were bigger.

    17. The "Blue Daggers" earrings.

    Kath wearing little blue drops on her ears
    ABC / Netflix

    Cute and they match her blouse, but they're not anything too striking.

    16. The "Heading Out, Going Out" earrings.

    Kath wearing bright gold hoops
    ABC / Netflix

    Kinda loving that these earrings are so obviously different to anything she's shown us before.

    15. The "Old-School Sparkle" earrings.

    Kath applying lipstick wearing earrings that have a huge diamond like stud with gold legs coming off of it.
    ABC / Netflix

    Plus, where can I find a sparkly, love heart hair clip? Someone, please tell me.

    14. The "Jube Lolly" earrings.

    White square studs with rainbow colours etched in
    ABC / Netflix

    Simple, cute and with just a hint of colour.

    13. The "Heart Of The Ocean, But From Lovisa" earrings.

    Kath talking on the phone while showing off her bright blue studs gilded in gold
    ABC / Netflix

    Kath wore these multiple times throughout the first season, so you know they were a fave of hers, too.

    12. The "Wedding Day" earrings.

    Kath is wearing tiny gold bows on her ears and a flower garland of little white flowers
    ABC / Netflix

    Absolutely forgot about the trainwreck of a wedding this was. Kel, screaming that he was going to be left at the alter for the fifth time? Classic.

    11. The "Old-School Sparkle, But From Prouds" earrings.

    Two circular gold bands inlaid with diamonds criss-crossing each other before piercing her ears
    ABC / Netflix

    Betcha Kel spent a little bit of dosh on these bad boys.

    10. The "Ursula's Necklace, But Make It Earrings" earrings.

    Huge circular gold studs that look similar to sea-shells
    ABC / Netflix

    I think I used to have a pair of these in a costume box and I loved them.

    9. The "Pink Majesty" earrings.

    Kath looking  concerned while showing of her baby-pink mini-hoops
    ABC / Netflix

    I can't fault these babies. Colour's great, shape is awesome and again! I spy a love heart, sparkly hair clip!

    8. The "Pink Diamonds, But Plastic" earrings.

    Earrings are bright pink square studs
    ABC / Netflix

    Effortless and timeless.

    7. The "Blue Diamonds, But Plastic" earrings.

    Giant blue square studs
    ABC / Netflix

    Only beating out the pink because I think blue is a nicer colour.

    6. The "Goes With Everything In My Wardrobe" earrings.

    Big square blue earrings that match Kath's shirt, headband and eyeshadow
    ABC / Netflix

    The level of coordination we see here has not been present since on Australian television.

    5. The "Pearl Clump" earrings.

    Kath in front of an extremely old computer wearing earrings that look like a clump of pearls glued together
    ABC / Netflix

    A little bit of extravagance for when you're still stuck working from home. Also helllo at that throwback of a computer.

    4. The "Lounge Around The House Hoop" earrings.

    Kath wearing pink fabric hoops that also matches her blouse and curtain
    ABC / Netflix

    Can we all just please take a moment to recognise that this woman colour coordinated not only her earrings with her shirt, but also the curtains, her necklace and lippy? Iconic.

    3. The "I'm An Aussie And Proud" earrings.

    Kath wearing plastic rainbow lorikeet earrings that reach down to her shoulders
    ABC / Netflix

    Ugh! Rainbow lorikeet earrings are the things that I need in my life.

    2. The "Gumnut Baby" earrings.

    Kath talking on the phone wearing dangly earrings that look like gumnuts with eyes
    ABC / Netflix

    Move over Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, this pink baby is taking over.

    1. The "You Can Dance If You Want To" earrings.

    Drop earrings made up of two circles surrounded by gold. Top one is purple, bottom one is pink
    ABC / Netflix

    These gorgeous drop earrings coupled with just a smidge of glitter around the eyes, make them number one in my book.

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