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    "Jack Ryan" Season Two Is Hitting Amazon Prime And I'm So Ready For More John Krasinski

    Give me more bearded John any day.

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    If you're anything like me, you've been following John Krasinski's career since the American version of The Office.


    ^ Me, every time I've been caught re-watching The Office, yet again.

    At first, you were attracted by his cute and affable charm.


    Yes, you're so funny, Jim. *laughs nervously.* Marry me, pls.

    And then you stayed for his over-the-top declarations of love to Pam.


    I mean, if anyone knows about how to portray a ~dramatic~ kiss — it's Jim and Pam.

    Then, after The Office, things started to change with our future husband*, John Krasinski.


    *Not really, Emily Blunt. I love you too.

    In A Quiet Place, we saw John Krasinski absolutely ROCK the beard and ~daddy~ vibe.

    Paramount Pictures

    Look at him — being all sexy and protective.

    And let me tell you, before this, I never thought that a bearded man could be this hot.

    Paramount Pictures

    Obviously, I was wrong.

    That same year, John Krasinski also starred in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Based off Tom Clancy's popular acton book series, season one was released on Amazon Prime Video in 2018.

    Now, it's time to rejoice because the second season is so close to being here!


    It's being released on 1 November and me and my John Krasinski face pillow are ready to watch.

    And it's bringing oh-so-much more of John Krasinski staring off into the distance, looking deep and sexy.

    Amazon Prime Video

    His whole rugged beard ~vibe~ is seriously drool-worthy

    Watch the trailer below to get yourself adequately excited for Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

    View this video on YouTube

    Amazon Prime Video / Via

    Bring on the binge-watching.

    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan will be available to stream on Amazon Prime from Friday. You don't even need to fork out money to watch it — get yourself a 30 day free trial just by signing up for an account.