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    46 Unique And Epic Things To Do In Australia, Whether You're Holidaying Or Staycationing

    For both the little and the long weekends.

    Right now, in some Australian states, as well as other places around the globe, it’s important to stay home and avoid non-essential trips. We hope you’ll find our content entertaining, inspiring or useful for a future trip. For all other states, we still encourage you to practise social distancing and, if you feel sick, stay home and help to keep yourself and others safe.

    Also, before you head off on your trip, double check that everything you want to see is still open/operating.

    1. Learn about the history and culture of First Nations people.

    2. Explore any stretch of the exceptional coastline on foot.

    3. Or, simply explore the road on wheels.

    4. Hop around our islands by boat, board or kayak.

    5. Take a ride like never before — atop a camel's back.

    6. Discover all the amazing wonders that our national parks have to offer.

    7. Simply be amazed by all the things you didn't think we had Down Under — like snow.

    8. Be blown away by the views that can only be witnessed in a hot air balloon.

    9. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, grab your board and head for a surf — we've got plenty of beaches for you to choose from.

    10. Indulge yourself and experience luxury train travel for the very first time.

    11. Choose between either glamping or camping and spend a night under the stars.

    12. Chuck an esky in the backseat and travel to a small town, full of hidden beauties.

    13. Get out on the water and live a life of luxury (if only for one day).

    14. Stare in wonder at Australia's pink lakes.

    15. Look out and say "hey" to the whales migrating past.

    16. Take a dip with some gentle whale sharks.

    17. Do go chasing waterfalls in North Queensland.

    18. Take a selfie with one of the cutest little animals you ever did see.

    19. Spoil yourself with a spa-day that you don't have to pay for!

    20. Dip, dive and play with sea lions!

    21. Swallow your fear of the dark and explore underground.

    22. Visit a wildlife sanctuary to meet our strange and unusual animals up close.

    23. Relax, take a breath and watch the sun rise or set.

    24. Go cage diving with a great white shark.

    25. Meet a crocodile, if only for the sole purpose of ironically saying, "See ya later, alligator".

    26. Snorkel or scuba our many reefs in different parts of the country.

    27. Get your tickets to a natural phenomenon — there's plenty of them to choose from.

    28. Sigh in joy as you watch baby turtles hatch and waddle their way down to the water.

    29. Peel your eyes and dive with a platypus.

    30. Make a deal with the Tassie Devil.

    31. Tilt your head back at the Eucalyptus and try and find a sleeping koala.

    32. Drop a line into the deep, blue sea and find what fish wait for you underneath.

    33. Pop on a visor and collard shirt and play a couple of rounds at one of the many gorgeous golf courses that Australia has.

    34. Put the waves and the skate-parks behind you and, instead, sandboard down the dunes.

    35. Jump in the air and view the country from on high.

    36. And if you really want to be one with the sky, test your adrenaline limits with a skydive.

    37. Or, go the other way around and snorkel a shipwreck.

    38. Trust yourself and abseil off a cliff or, you know, a dam.

    39. Speed through the wilderness on a raft.

    40. See like the birds do, with a walk along the canopy.

    41. Figure out all the "Big Things" there are in Australia and try to tick them all off.

    42. For an unparalleled artistic experience, road trip between the painted silos.

    43. Taste your way through all the vines our many cellar doors have to offer.

    44. And experience Australia's burgeoning distillery industry with gin, whisky and vodka tastings.

    45. Slurp and shuck your own oysters — straight from sea to table.

    46. And finally, kick back, relax and enjoy an ice cold, craft beer.

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