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    Darrell Lea Has Embodied Aussie Nostalgia In These Chocolate Bars

    Holy hell is this stuff good.

    If you're an Aussie, no doubt you're already aware of the unattainable godliness of Darrell Lea chocolate.

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    It's the choccy that screams love β€” you know, the one you buy on Valentine's to show someone that you really care, or the one that you buy on self-care Sunday, because you're worth it.

    And if you're not Australian, it's time you knew that no other block compares.

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    Look, all chocolate is good in my books, but Darrell Lea just reaches a whole new level.

    Over the weekend I over-indulged in the best of the best Darrell Lea flavours. They cemented my opinion and made me praise the chocolate gods in happiness.

    Nine blocks of Darrell Lea chocolate scattered on a grey bench
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    There was a Fairy Block of chocolate β€” a reimagining of the Aussie childhood party snack: Fairy Bread.

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    A little bit of cronch with a whole lot of nostalgia thrown in β€” this block contains 100's and 1000's with small amounts of mini marshmallows (which, if you ask me, kinda look like the bread you would use for fairy bread).

    Sundae Sesh was the block that tastes like everything my parents ever banned me from eating as a kid.

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    It honestly tastes like a treat. It's not the grown up chocolate that people eat in small portions because they have "self-control" β€” this chocolate bar is the one you dreamt about as a kid when your parents said you could have any dessert you wanted and you were left overwhelmed by choice.

    Plus, my housemates got into the taste-testing action (because even though I tried to hide the chocolate, they fought me for it) and they unequivocally decided that the Bondi Block was their favourite flavour.

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    It's a perfect blend of peanuts, salted caramel and, surprisingly, cornflakes. I reckon it's best for people who wanted something a lil' sweet, but not like, too sweet.

    Then there was the Halftime Orange bar that fans of Jaffas will 100% be thrilled about.

    Clare Aston / BuzzFeed

    With a dark chocolate base, orange jellies and salted pretzel straws this bar of chocolate tastes like a jaffa, but with a more satisfying texture.

    And finally, there was the Bear Hug β€” honeycomb and blackcurrant jellies.

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    The best thing about these Darrell Lea bars is that they have strong flavours. I mean, you bite into this bar and you think to yourself, "Yep, that's definitely blackcurrant". It's not like other flavours of chocolate where you think, "Yeah...I can kinda taste it".

    Although, the best part about Darrell Lea, isn't actually the chocolate.


    Darrell Lea's chocolate product range is made with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa β€” meaning it's one thing you don't have to feel guilty about when chomping down on your favourite bar.

    The five mentioned flavours fanned out in their packaging
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    They've partnered with Cocoa Horizons β€” a global chocolate sustainability program that focuses on farmer prosperity and building self-sustaining farming communities.

    Plus, their products are now 100% palm oil free and are aiming to have the ingredient list on their packaging updated by March 2021.

    Five flavours cascading on a wooden chopping board
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    There's not much else to say, other than the fact I'm well and truly gorging on chocolate RN and I have yet to face a pimple breakout. Fingers crossed the chocolate gods have sorted that out for me, too.

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    Go ahead and try one of the new flavours, or stick to their classics β€” the Caramel Craving is absolutely heavenly.