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    If You've Ever Thought That Oz Was A Bit Weird, Take A Squiz At These 45 "Big Things"

    Everyone knows about them, but no one really talks about them.

    Right now, in some Australian states, as well as other places around the globe, it’s important to stay home and avoid non-essential trips. We hope you’ll find our content entertaining, inspiring or useful for a future trip. For all other states, we still encourage you to practise social distancing and, if you feel sick, stay home and help to keep yourself and others safe.

    Also, before you head off on your trip, double check that everything you want to see is still open/operating.

    If you're not from Oz, you may never have heard about our obsession with "Big Things".

    Some of them are quite famous, like "The Big Banana", while others aren't even that big to begin with, to make everything all the more confusing.

    There's an estimated 150+ statues scattered across Australia, but read on to find my personal fave.

    FYI a lot of different places have the same "Big Thing", (for some reason having Big Apples are very popular), so I'm only going to list them once – sorry in advance if your town doesn't get featured!

    1. The Big Banana, NSW

    2. The Big Galah, SA

    3. The Big Avocado, NSW

    4. The Big Bogan, NSW

    5. The Big Cherries, NSW

    6. The Big Kookaburra, NSW

    7. The Big Merino, NSW

    8. The Big Mosquito, NSW

    9. The Big Potato, NSW

    10. The Big Prawn, NSW

    11. The Big Spider, NSW

    12. The Big Tennis Racket, NSW

    13. The Big Trout, NSW

    14. The Big Ugg Boots, NSW

    15. The Big Wine Bottle, NSW

    16. The Big Barramundi, QLD

    17. The Big Cane Toad, QLD

    18. The Big Cassowary, QLD

    19. The Big Crab, QLD

    20. The Big Crocodile, WA

    21. The Big Easel, QLD

    22. The Big Macadamia Nut, QLD

    23. The Big Mango, QLD

    24. The Big Melon, QLD

    25. The Big Mower, QLD

    26. The Big Pelican, QLD

    27. The Big Pineapple, QLD

    28. The Big Rum Bottle, QLD

    29. The Big Strawberry, VIC

    30. The Big Whale, WA

    31. The Big Hat, NSW

    32. The Big Kangaroo, SA

    33. The Big Lobster, SA

    34. The Big Olive, SA

    35. The Big Rocking Horse, SA

    36. The Big Penguin, TAS

    37. The Big Platypus, TAS

    38. The Big Tasmanian Devil, TAS

    39. The Big Wickets, TAS

    40. The Big Coffee Maker, VIC

    41. The Big Koala, NSW

    42. The Big Ned Kelly, VIC

    43. The Big Pheasant, VIC

    44. The Big Tap, VIC

    45. And finally, the Big Marron, WA

    Which one of these "Big Things" do you most want to visit? Let us know in the comments below!