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    14 Sex Tech Founders Who Are Changing The Way The World Thinks About Sex

    There's a lot more than just plastic dildos.

    Sextech, like fintech, integrates an extremely lucrative industry and a natural human need with technology to bring it into the 21st century. We're talking about sex, baby!

    A stock image of a keyboard spelling out the word "sex"

    Female and BIPOC founders are woefully underrepresented in the technology sector, and even more so when it comes to representations of sexuality. Luckily, the women on this list (and many more!) are bringing us closer and closer to closing that gap. So, without further ado, here are some female and BIPOC founders taking sexuality and technology to higher (ahem) heights.

    Studio shot of an unrecognizable woman squeezing a grapefruit slice against a brown background

    1. Frances Tang of Awkward Essentials

    Francis Tang headshot

    2. Glenise Kinard-Moore of SkiiMoo Tech

    A headshot of Glenise Kinard-Moore

    3. Alexandra Fine of Dame Products

    portrait of Alexandra Fine sitting on a chair

    4. Anna Lee of Lioness

    Anna Lee with Lioness vibrator

    5. Taylor Sparks of Organic Loven

    Taylor Sparks posing in chair

    6. Lora Haddock DiCarlo of Lora DiCarlo

    image of Lora DiCarlo

    7. Cindy Gallop of MakeLoveNotPorn

    Cindy Gallop headshot

    8. Patricia López of Myhixel

    Photo of Patricia Lopez

    9. Lilly Sparks of Afterglow

    Lilly Sparks headshot

    10. Suki Dunham of OhMiBod

    portrait of Matt Berkowitz

    11. Ti Chang of Crave

    Ti Chang wearing Crave intimate jewelry

    12. Heather Morrison of Bump'n

    13. Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan of Dipsea

    A headshot of the Dipsea founders Gina Gutierrez & Faye Keegan

    14. Emily Sauer of Ohnut

    Emily Sauer headshot

    So, there you have it! Which product are you most excited about? BTW, these are just a few! The future of sextech is huge and more diverse than ever. Let us know about any sextech founders you're excited about right now!