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15 BIPOC Cannabis Businesses To Support On 4/20

Celebrate 4/20 with BIPOC local dispensaries, cannabis education, and products.

In the 1970s, a group of California high schoolers dedicated 4:20 p.m. of every day to puffing on some green.

marijuana leaves

Today we're highlighting some BIPOC-owned CBD and marijuana-based businesses for all of your cannabis purchasing, education, and wellness needs.

1. Oracle Wellness Co.

2. Radix House Coffee

Radix House Coffee truck against skyline

3. The Higher Collection

The Higher Collection logo

4. Black Rain

Black Rain CBD products

5. Western Front

Western Front founders Dennis A. Benzan and Marvin E. Gilmore

6. Cannabis Tours

Cannabis Tours logo

7. Cannabis Cultural Association

Cannabis Cultural Associations members

8. Terps & Flowers Catering

Vegan shrimp and grits from Terps & Flowers Catering

9. EstroHaze

Kali Wilder, Safon Floyd, and Sirita Wright

10. Pretty Litty

Blueberry Kush Lemonade - Yellow Bling Battery

11. Asian Americans For Cannabis Education

AACE photo of Asian elder with cannabis plants

12. Medicated Minds

Medicated Minds s'mores

13. Club Kindness

hand holding weed leaf under orange light

14. District Growers

District Growers founder Corey Barnette

15. Sundae School

Sundae School crew

What are your favorite BIPOC cannabis brands? Let us know in the comments.