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    The 15 Best (Worst) "90 Day Fiancé" Villains

    Ranked from deliciously petty to delightfully evil.

    90 Day Fiancé is a TLC empire built on idealists, dreamers, scammers, romance, and VILLAINS.

    While any reality show is cast with narcissists, 90 Day Fiancé is great at portraying normal, awkward people alongside divas, shit-stirrers, and cast members who are just pure evil (hey Tom). As we blend margaritas and rearrange our couch cushions for the eighth season, let's browse through the best (worst) 90-day fiancé villains of seasons past. 

    15. Mark Shoemaker

    You're a specimen Mark Shoemaker

    Mark Shoemaker was the 58-year-old man who looked in the mirror and proclaimed, "You're a specimen!" every morning. Apparently, he felt enough of a specimen to repeat what he did with his first wife and bring "young, young, young" 19-year-old Nikki (who is two years younger than his daughter) from Cebu City, Philippines. His creepiness was compounded when he treated Nikki like a child from day one, famously telling her to not touch the windows of his car, as "it's one of the rules for my children." Age is just a number, but Mark is just creepy. 

    14. Anfisa Arkhipchenko

    Anifsa on the show

    Season 4 star Anfisa Arkhipchenko gets a bad rep as a gold-digging monster, and I put her on the list to clear things up. TLC fans were introduced to Anfisa as the demanding Russian bride of weed dealer Jorge Nava, who keyed Jorge's car and asked for a $45,000 wedding dress. Turns out, Jorge was lying about everything from his empty promises to the legitimacy of his career, and Anfisa's dry humor was given an unflattering cut. Today, the reality star is living her own American dream by running a successful fitness-coaching business.

    13. Mohamed Jbali


    Season 2 standouts Mohamed and Danielle were one of the most ill-fated and notorious couples of the TLC franchise. From the beginning, the sparks that flew between 26-year-old Tunisian Mohamed and 41-year-old mother-of-four Danielle weren't the romantic kind. The union (unsurprisingly) ended in a messy divorce, with Mohamed airing Danielle's literal "dirty laundry" regarding sexual hygiene and running off with female friends. Danielle was no angel either. She lied about her financial situation from the beginning, and stalked Mohamed for years after their split, even threatening to deport him from the country. 

    12. Brandon Gibbs

    Brandon Gibbs

    Season 7 farm boy Brandon unwittingly became the poster boy for spinelessness when he moved his adoring Russian fiancé Julia onto his overbearing family's farm, where she was immediately recruited by his deeply conservative parents to handle chickens and clean pig pens. Not only did he refuse to stand up for Julia in front of his friends or family, but he shouldered all their joint complaints onto Julia when voicing concerns to his parents.

    11. Mike's mom Trish


    There have been plenty of terrible mother-in-laws on the show, but Trish is pre-tty up there. I mean, Natalie is annoying and high-strung, but why would she leave her cushy city life and hunky ex-husband in Ukraine to dig for...Mike's the middle of nowhere, America??? Calling your daughter-in-law a whore to her face may not be the move, especially since the two are still (somewhat) together. Natalie is a whole vibe in this scene, where she explains to her that Mike doesn't have any money, that she just wants to work in a field she has experience in, and that she "is an attractive woman; I just want to be attractive." 

    10. Big Ed

    TLC / Via

    Big Ed is gross. He doesn't shower, he washes his hair with mayo, he has a potential Asian fetish...wanna watch him eat ribs with one wet nap? However, the grossest thing about him is on the inside. He was extremely mean to his twentysomething Filipina fiancé, Rose, telling her she had bad breath and lying to her about his vasectomy. He also forced a kiss on new girlfriend Liz, subsequently cheating on her months into their relationship. Ew. 

    9. Tom Brooks

    Tom Brooks vs. Darcey Silva

    Oh, Tom. If life was a James Bond movie, he would be the villain's shitty sidekick who should get killed off in the first 10 minutes but lingers like the smell of sweaty gym socks in a locker room. That metaphor doesn't work — and neither does his faux rich, "it's not me, it's you" schtick. Tom Brooks swept Darcey Silva off her feet (we all know that's so hard to do) and consoled the romantic 44-year-old mom of two after her infamous split with 26-year-old personal trainer Jesse. Tom continuously gaslighted Darcey, and when she stood up for herself during a breakup, he took a cruel jab at her appearance. He also continues to fake almost everything about himself, from luxury items to out-of-town girlfriends. Peep the dead serial narcissist eyes. 

    8. Azan Tefou


    Azan and Nicole cancelled their wedding twice; all the while she supported him with her hefty Starbucks barista salary. From the beginning, Azan was "only about 55-percent attracted to Nicole," and seemed uncomfortable with their relationship. He also cancelled multiple vacations at the last minute for family emergencies he couldn't tell her about, and bled her family dry with a fake storefront that never existed (he even took Nicole's mom to see a fake empty plot). At this point, Azan probably will fake his own death to get out of Nicole's clutches. 

    7. Elizabeth's siblings

    TLC / Via

    Elizabeth Potthast from Season 6 is close with her family. She will repeat those words until you go deaf. So will her family. But it seems the only thing tying the siblings together anymore is their dad's wallet and a shared disdain (Elizabeth excluded) of Andrei. Elizabeth's brother, Charlie, and her two older sisters pop up on the show quite often, and manage to steadfastly uphold every stereotype about Americans (including quite a few about Floridians). They question the safety and integrity of every non-US country, say Moldovans eat "peasant food," and even when they're right about Andrei have Karen attitudes that make it difficult to be on their side. Plus, didn't Chuck pay for Charlie's wedding too?

    6. Elizabeth Potthast

    Libby 90 Day Fiance

    Now, on to Elizabeth herself. Elizabeth is clearly her father's favorite and loves to flaunt it. Perhaps it's because of this clear favoritism that her siblings resent everything her father does for her so much. She is constantly complaining about being caught in the middle, yet enables Andrei, a man who will always put her in the middle. (But he has muscles!) At least her love of attention makes for great reality TV — I follow the couple religiously. 

    5. Larissa Lima


    Ohhhhh, Larissa. She is truly a made-for-TV villain, with no sense of shame and a wonderfully straightforward goal: to look like a blowup doll and marry rich. Remember when she told her Scott Disick 2.0 blind date that one of her dating requirements was citizenship, and introduced herself with, "I was arrested three times"?? I live for it. Please give her a show. 

    4. Danielle Mullins

    TLC / Via

    Danielle brought 26-year-old Mohamed over from Tunisia with no money and then didn't tell him she lost her job, which was devastating because Mohamed couldn't legally work until his green card got approved. Yes, Mohamed likely (almost definitely) used her for a green card. But damn, did he earn that green card. After they broke up, Danielle allegedly damaged his credit through shared accounts, stalked him repeatedly, and tried to get him deported (like she owns the country). 

    3. Colt Johnson

    TLC / Via

    Colteeeeeee. Colt is one of those men you can't believe would cheat on women who are much more attractive than him. But apparently he cheated on both Brazilian women in his life: Queen Larissa and fiery Jess. And then you have to get over your disbelief that attractive women would sleep with, or get hung up over, a melting wax candle figure with dubious employment who lives with his mother and three cats. Larissa was pretty batshit at times, but Colt calling the cops on her three times and still trying to get with her after each arrest may have compounded it. That, and the fact that he really loves sending pictures of his average-sized penis. He seems happy these days with Vanessa, though, so kudos to the newly married couple and their cats!

    2. Debbie Johnson


    If Colt and Larissa's relationship wasn't doomed from the start, Colt's mother (and de facto sister wife) Debbie's possessive ways sealed their fate. Debbie wouldn't let Larissa clean, give them any alone time, and took great issue with his second girlfriend, Jess. Debbie finally found Colt a girlfriend she likes though — Vanessa must take great care of Debbie's cats. 

    1. Andrei Castravet

    TLC / Via

    Ohhhh, Andrei. Andrei Castravet. The "alpha male" who will always be man of the house, even if he refuses to work. He is probably the hated Moldovan in America AND Moldova, especially after the last trip where Chuck reiterated every douche move Andrei did as, "I don't know how you do things in Moldova, but in America..."

    Andrei is controlling, narcissistic, paranoid, and made his 8-month-pregnant wife run around working rather than get a job to put food on the table. To be fair, Andrei still makes more money than me by raging around the house with endorsement deals and spinoffs, so maybe it pays for them to keep the family drama going

    Who are your favorite villains from the 90 Day universe? Let us know in the comments.

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