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12 Times Donna Meagle Told It Exactly Like It Is

Because Parks And Recreation's Donna Meagle always reminds you of what's what.

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1. When she taught you to watch your nutrition.

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2. And the time she made you question your wardrobe choices.


3. And when she made you ask yourself "Why aren't I watching Game of Thrones?"

4. Also that time she taught you the meaning of self love.

5. And the other meaning of self-love.

NBC / Via

6. And the other meaning of self-love.

NBC / Via

Actually, this might just be the meaning of love.

7. And then when she showed you how to take care of yourself.

NBC / Via

8. And when she told you your drinking habits were okay without even having to say anything.

9. But she also reminded you to be careful.

10. She also probably reminded you to think before you speak.

NBC / Via

11. She taught you the best pickup lines.

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12. Yep. Donna just gets it.

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