6 Prom Dress Looks Inspired By “10 Things I Hate About You”

You’ll dance, you’ll kiss, you’ll come home.

1. Bianca’s Floral Sundress

Stand out in this strategically planned floral dress.
$650, Sherry Hill

2. Kat’s Prom Dress

You’ll like you had this simple blue dress just lying around.
$325, Laundry by Shelli Segal

3. Bianca’s Red Party Dress

This lace dress is guaranteed to get the attention of both Joesph Gordon Levitt and whoever played Joey Donner.
$242, Dolce Vita

4. Chastity’s Snakeskin Prom Dress

If you’re going to destroy your friendship at the biggest event of the year, you might as well look fabulous doing it.
$288, Bailey 44

5. Mandella’s Shakespearean Prom Dress

Not everyone call pull off a robe, but your Shakespeare will appreciate the effort.
$75, ASOS

6. Bianca’s Pink Prom Dress

Your dad might not approve, but satin crop tops and tulle never go out of style.
$58, Nasty Gal

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