13 Of The Most Iconic Moments So Far From MTV’s “Catfish”

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. When this girl met her “perfect boyfriend” for the first time.

MTV / Via globalgrind.com

2. This terrifying slow clap.

3. All the uncomfortable silences.

4. This sunglass removal disaster.

5. “Bow Wow”.

6. All that is Mhissy.

MTV / Via giphy.com

7. The throwing of the phone.

8. The nickname this woman will never live down.


9. This revelatory moment.


10. When this girl’s Catfish turned out to be completely real.

11. When this guy was totally honest.


12. When this girl and her purse were over it.

13. And so, so many adorable Nev and Max moments.

MTV / Via popwatch.ew.com

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