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10 Stages Of Owning A Shop On Etsy

All the blood, sweat, and glitter.

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1. You head out to the best place on Earth (AKA the craft store),

pick up a few absolutely vital supplies,

and then get to work making your items.

2. When you're finished creating, you take a million pictures until you get the PERFECT one for a front page treasury.

3. You start listing your items,

Universal Pictures / Via

and then everyone on the forums tells you to improve your SEO and you're all like,

but you keep improving your listings until everything is perfect.

Fox / Via

4. You promote your beautifully crafted listings on social media,

and you talk up your shop to everyone you meet until they're all,

Comedy Central / Via

and you psych yourself up for all the sales to start rolling in.

FX / Via

5. You keep checking your phone for a cha-ching,

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences / Via

until you're all,

so you start refreshing your shop stats every 30 seconds until you realize,

CBS / Via

6. When you FINALLY get a sale you're like,

Capitol Records / Via

and then you're like,

7. Then you wrap it all up, mail it out, and

Nickelodeon / Via

and start waiting for customer feedback.

8. When you get a (hopefully) rare piece of negative feedback, you're all,


20th Century Fox / Via


Fox / Via

until you send a convo to your customer and are all like,

NBC / Via

and stay professional so that it will all work out and you won't have to send a refund.

9. But when you get a five star feedback because your customer was all,

you know all your hard work was worth it.

10. Some days you have a million orders that all need to go out tomorrow and you're all like,

NBC / Via

and some days you have dry spells,

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

but ultimately, you love your Etsy shop because you know there's nothing better than being your own boss.

NBC / Via

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