These Guys Went On “Ellen” To Sing Their Hilarious Love Song About Her

Four guys who go by The Cream Pies wrote a love song to Ellen DeGeneres called “We Love You, Ellen.” And it was so good she had them perform on her show.

1. These are The Cream Pies. They’re four handsome dudes who wrote a love song to Ellen Degeneres that she loved so much she decided to bring them onto her show.

The Cream Pies / Via

At the beginning of their video, which is about how much they love the talk show host, the singers bopped up and down decked out in Ellen attire (including an Ellen apron, life-size poster, and chef hat.)

2. They sing lyrics like, “Beautiful Cover Girl. Animal lover girl.”

The Cream Pies / Via

3. “You know that Ellen is the best. For you, I beat on my chest.”

The Cream Pies / Via

4. “And it would be a shame if I missed ya. Dancing with Sophia Grace and her sista.”

The Cream Pies / Via

5. This hottie sang, “I cook. I clean. I do the dishes. Portia doesn’t need to know that you’re my secret missus.”

The Cream Pies / Via

6. So, Ellen gave the guys Ellen t-shirts (and of course only gave him a crop-top.)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show / Via

7. And he worked it.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show / Via

8. Followed by some decent twerking from his friends.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show / Via

9. Let’s just see that one more time.

The Cream Pies / Via

10. Watch the original music video.

11. Watch as The Cream Pies get to perform on Ellen.

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