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    Keep Your Bathroom Clean With This Unexpected Beard Grooming Apron

    Respect the beard.

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    Emily Shwake / Buzzfeed / Nifty

    Your winter beard has finally grown out and you are loving it.


    But taking care of your luscious mane can be a bit of a nuisance. Cleaning up your beard also means cleaning up the entire bathroom.

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    This apron will take your beard trimming to a whole new level.

    You'll need to grab a few things:

    Kitchen apron, $8.99

    No-fray glue, $2.99

    Suction cups (2) $4.97

    Super glue, $6.09

    White acrylic paint, $7.12



    1. Grab your apron ($8.99) and cut off the ties. Apply no-fray glue ($2.99) to the cut ends.

    2. Mark an X on the bottom corners of the inside of the apron.

    Buzzfeed / Nifty

    The lines should measure about 1 centimeter each.

    3. Make small cuts following the X marks you just drew.

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    4. Check that the X is large enough by pushing the hook of the suction cup through the X. Make any necessary adjustments.

    Buzzfeed / Nifty
    Buzzfeed / Nifty

    If you need to make the X larger, very carefully take the tiniest of snips out of one line in the X. Any larger, and the hole might be too big.

    5. Apply super glue on the edges of the suction cup hook.

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    6. Fit the hook into the X. Twist to distribute the glue.

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    Let it dry for about two hours.

    7. Dress up your new grooming apron with a #beardgoals design in white paint ($7.12).

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    Even non-artists can make this look good. Just print out a shape you like, trace it, and paint inside the lines. Give it about a half hour to dry.

    Perhaps use your apron as inspiration for more ambitious trims.

    8. Finally, hook your apron to the mirror and trim your beard over your apron.

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    9. Once you are finished grooming, gently pull the suction cups off the mirror and dump the trimmings into the garbage can.

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    For more beard support, check out this roundup of grooming products that will tame your facial hair.

    Check out the video here.

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