15 Of The Best (And Worst) James Bond Tattoos

Harry Potter tattoos are cool, but James Bond tattoos are just plain badass.

1. Jinx Johnson

Beginning this list with a memento from that time Halle Berry was a Bond girl..

2. Some people choose to ink their favorite title

ajb007 / Via ajb007.co.uk

This was unsurprisingly popular on the forum that it was shared.

3. Can’t go wrong with a classic

ajb007 / Via ajb007.co.uk

4. Another take on the logo

ajb007 / Via ajb007.co.uk

Maybe a little crooked, but the dedication is unquestionable.

6. Not the sharpest tattoo, but another classic

MI6 Community / Via mi6community.com

You can’t not love this.

7. Aston Martin Logo

Piston Heads Gassing Station / Via pistonheads.com

Maybe not meant as a tribute to the classic Bond car, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

8. Now things are getting interesting…

MI6 Community / Via mi6community.com

Not only a James Bond tattoo, but a James Bond FLYING tattoo.

9. When you can tell which Bond it is meant to be..

In your head say “Sean Connery” like they do on SNL.

MI6 Community / Via mi6community.com

Things are super legit when you have Bond, his car, and his lady in one tattoo.

PowerLine Tattoo- Mike Ledoux / Via powerlinetattoo.com

And things are even more legit once he gets his drink.

12. Not quite finished, but the dedication is there

MI6 Community / Via mi6community.com

13. It’s the villain tattoos that are the most badass, though

MI6 Community / Via mi6community.com

You don’t mess with SPECTRE unless you want to be fed to sharks or stabbed with a hidden shoe knife.

14. Reinforcing that villain tattoos are the best

MI6 Community / Via mi6community.com

The Baron Samedi- witch doctor and friend of Harlem Drug Lord Mr. Big, aka Dr Kananga, the corrupt Caribbean dictator from Live and Let Die. You might think it can’t get any more awesome than this, but…..

15. Nothing tops Dame Judi Dench’s temporary jewel tattoo

Hello Magazine / Via hellomagazine.com

She may not have been my all-time favorite actor to play M, but you just can’t top the Dame.

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