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    24 Photos That Will Make You Wish You Went To Mermaid School


    1. For starters, just look at how majestic this pod is.

    Angel Philips / From left to right: Mermaid Storm (purple tail), Mermaid Merley (Pink Tail), Brittany Boehme,

    2. This perfect merman trifecta.

    Merman Amor / From left to right: Merman Amor, Merman Yari,

    3. And these mermaids, who know how to pull off the perfect fishy face.

    Corey Staver / From left to right: Finley the Mermaid, Mermaid Jenna, Maressa Fox, and

    4. This pod and their glam squad.

    5. These mermaids who are living the fabulous life.

    Johnny Stix / Instagram: @johnnystix53 / From left to right: Sea Angel Jenn, Merman Jax, and

    6. Mermaids don't have bad hair days, they just have ~magical~ hair days.

    Susan Knight / / From left to right: Mermaid Hales, Mermaid Hyli,

    7. This pod that definitely slays all day in the sun.

    Sean Norman / Halifax Mermaids / / From left to right: Halifax Mermaids client, Mermaid Raina, Krista Hill, and Ha

    8. These mermaids that have perfected the beauty queen wave.

    John Paulsen / Sheroes Entertainment / Left to right: Mermaid Mailbu, Mermaid Melody,

    9. This pod that proves merpeople have more fun.

    J. Berendt Photography / The Real Mermaids / From left to right: Mermaid Hyli, Mermaid Shannon, Me

    10. And these mermaids who are all fins and smiles.

    Eric Ducharme / Facebook: mertailor / From left to right: Mertailor models.

    11. This breathtakingly beautiful photoshoot.

    Alicia Ward / / Top to Bottom: Lyrique the Mermaid, Finfolk Productions models, and

    12. These ladies that prove that mermaids are dogs' best friends.

    Robert Short / / From left to right: Tatiana Aguilera, Rachel Smith,

    13. And this pod that proves standing is hard.

    Roberto Coello / Instagram: @artofwomenhawaii / From left to right: Andrew Wilson, Hawaiian Merman, <

    14. This mermaid who is leading the charge in mermaid-human friendships.

    15. And this tiny pod that made friends with the local pirates and hitched a ride.

    Kay Barlow / Facebook: TheSacramentoMermaids / From left to right: Mermaid Elodea, Mermaid Luckie, and

    16. This rainbow pod who can rock any color on land or in the sea.

    17. These mermaids who know the power of sticking together.

    Susan Knight / / From top to bottom: Angela Hartfiled, Dana Mermaid, Doreen Virtue.

    18. This mersquad that has mastered the art of the Tyra "Smize."

    Sean Norman / Halifax Mermaids / From left to right: Krista Hill, Mermaid Victori

    19. These mermaids who got a magic grotto and now their lives are complete.

    Deeeliteful Images / Facebook: DeeelitefulImages / From left to right: Pirate Captain Dayve Blackwolfe, Mermaid Indigo,

    20. These mermaids who know how to party.

    21. And these mermaids who know how to take a break.

    Jim Ward / / Left to right: Finfolk Productions models.

    22. Frankly, there's no one better to eat hot dogs with than your mersquad.

    Milton Lopez / / From left to right: Mermaid Seraphina Suds, Mermaid Theta,

    23. And these mers that prove the obvious; that mermaid pods are just better than any other squad.

    Angel Philips / / From left to right: Mermaid Enakai Fairyfish, Mermaid Harmony, Mermaid Nebula, Brittany Boehm

    24. End. 👏 Of. 👏 Story. 👏

    Kim Lomman Photography / Left to right: Mermaid Iona, Mermaid Lorelei, and Mermaid Cyanea.


    Raina Mermaid /